Backnotes is an educational notes platform for IGCSE, AS/A, and MYP4-5 students. Their international community of contributors basically combs the entire world to author their own high-quality notes while bringing their share of local knowledge.

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DeezNotes is a site that was born on a Tuesday evening. Two close friends had one idea in mind: to share the wisdom they had gathered during their journey with the rest of the world. And so, after our IGCSEs were over, we decided to combine our notes and create DeezNotes. It is a curated archive of notes that we found helpful during our exam preparation.

These are notes by the students for the students for COMPLETELY FREE!. DeezNotes WILL surely satisfy all your needs. We have a wonderful community of more than 20,000 users monthly and cover 11 subjects, with many more to come. If you want to contribute or contact us, email us at:

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“Very cool I would say”

Shiva Sharad Pillai

CEO, Founder, and designer

The human body is mostly water so we’re just cucumbers with a lot more anxiety

Rachel D’Souza


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All notes that you see on this website are written, tested, and uploaded purely by us students. We do strive our best to make sure we do not err. It would be helpful if you guys could share this website with your friends and family, we always look forward to anything you have to say on the improvement of our little project that we started back on March 9th of 2020.

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